More than 17 million people in Kenya have no access to safe water. Most have to walk long distances to fetch water for their domestic use and for their livestock, thus wasting a lot of time and energy that could otherwise be invested in activities that could lift them out of poverty. To help rural households access safe reliavle water, the Give Water! initiative digs small rain-fed water pans that serve 2-3 households in the dry season. Give Water!  helps households harvest rain water within their farms.

Most donor- and government-funded water projects are designed to serve entire villages and are managed by committees. Such projects can be hindered by local politics, disagreements about water use, water point location and project leadership wrangles. By placing the control of water at household level, we eliminate these barriers and concentrate on the most important thing: giving water.

Give water to a household today and help prevent thirst and hygiene-related diseases in rural Kenya.

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