The Gender and Climate Change Working Group in partnership with Care Kenya will hold a consultative meeting on 11th February 2015 at the Silver Springs Hotel in Nairobi.

The consultative meeting will focus on status/progress so far and planning for 2015.

There were many initiatives in 2014 around gender and climate change in various national, regional and international processes such as SDGs, climate funds, COP, among others. Moving forward, the meeting will deliberate on available opportunities in regard to recent global, regional and national processes on gender and climate change.

The purpose of the meeting is to take stock of the gender and climate change initiatives and opportunities for advancing the UNFCCC gender decision in Kenya and beyond.

The workshop will also take of the regional and international processes in relation to gender and climate change including Sustainable development goals (SDGs), CSW, AU and AMCEN.

In addition, other initiatives aimed at advancing gender and climate change will be shared including Women empowerment plus (W+) mechanism.

The main objectives will be to;

  • Take stock of the various processes and members’ initiatives
  • Recording successes and lessons learnt moving forward

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Gender and Climate Change Working Group (GCCWG)

The Gender and Climate Change Working Group (GCCWG) is a network of organizations and individuals working towards climate smart policies, decision-making and programs. It was initiated in 2010 to as a platform for likeminded institutions and individuals and has been advocating for inclusion of gender and social concerns in climate change in Kenya.

The network has succeeded in influencing the national climate change action planning processes, engaging various Ministries and government institutions through organized gender advocacy, training and capacity building of state and non-state actors on gender equality mainstreaming in climate change and gender advocacy, organizing and facilitating gender and climate change multi-stakeholder dialogues and round tables, knowledge management and submitting text to the Ministry of Environment on Kenya’s submission to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on how to advance its Decision on Gender among others activities.

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