Community Based Adaptation Training Workshop 18-20 November 2015

The IEWM will host a Community Based Adaptation (CBA) training workshop on 18th to 20th November 2015. The training will bring together participants working at the policy level (that will use learning in their advocacy) as well as programme management staff (that will use learning to improve CBA projects) with the aim of:

  • Strengthening adaptation knowledge, coordination and partnerships amongst CSOs working on adaptation issues to call for more effective planning and budgeting around CBA
  • Initiate and/ or strengthen collaboration and partnerships around joint messaging and advocacy on CBA. This will be useful in ensuring buy in from NGOs that don’t see themselves as adaptation practitioners. It will also help to promote complementary partnerships, especially among CSOs that wouldn’t normally work together as their thematic areas of intervention are usually seen as distinct and separate.

The objectives of the training workshop are:

  • To deepen understanding on CBA approaches, principles and models among CSO advocacy and project management staff
  • Strengthen messaging and advocacy around CBA to ensure more effective multi-stakeholder planning and budgeting at County and national levels
  • Facilitate a platform for discussions and generation of partnerships amongst CSOs that are advocating for effective CBA, especially those that would not traditionally work together
  • Develop a CBA capacity building plan that will be implemented jointly by ALP and the participants

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